Get This Look – Blake Lively Style

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Hey! How are you going? I haven’t made a post for a long time and this will be Get This Look post. Have you seen Gossip Girl? Even if it is not a new serial I watched it again some time ago. From this serial, I get to know Serena (Blake Lively) character. She is so beautiful and I love her style, that is why I am making get this look post of Blake Lively. Let us look at three Blakes styles of early spring, bright dress, and red carpet style – get those looks if you like them! Early… Read More »

Get this look – bright midi skirt

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Hello in spring! Please tell me how much of spring you already see in your country? In my country snowdrops are in bloom and some others flowers. For now, it’s all. But I can’t wait when flowers will be everywhere! Today in “Get this look” post series, I have chosen bright midi skirt as they are so suitable for the beginning of the spring. Bright yellow midi skirts Get This Look – shop skirts Get This Look – shop accessories Bright pink midi skirts If you like better neutral pink – look at my “Get this look – spring outfit” post… Read More »

New celebrity couples of 2017


It’s already spring and 1/4 of the year is already gone. Let’s look at new celebrity couples which are dating and I hope that they will be together in the next year too. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez divorce from Brad Pitt wash shocking, but they both is dating again. Jennifer Lopez dating former New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez. This is a brand new relationship and not serious yet. We will see how this relationship will proceed and grow! This couple could be suitable because they are both parents to two children. They have mutual friends who kind of… Read More »

4 tips to speed up computer for free

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You don’t need to be a technical person to take care of your computer speed. It is annoying if computer is slow, right? The same is with websites. If you think that your internet becomes slower, at first try to speed up your computer. The possibility is that there is a problem with computer speed, not the internet. Let’s look at  4 tips on how to speed up computer for free using Windows 7. 1. Uninstalling Unnecessary Programs It is necessary from time to time look at your installed programs. For example, it is a way how to find out if you don’t have any… Read More »

Cheap clip in hair extensions review

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Today I am making beauty/hair post. Around one year ago I bought cheap synthetic hair extensions. I chose to buy a cheap one because I just wanted to know what it is, how they look, how to apply and so on. In the future, I would like to buy clip in hair extensions with better quality, although I am pretty pleased with this one. In this post, I am doing cheap clip in hair extensions review plus you will see how to apply clip in hair extensions and where to buy them. About cheap clip in hair extensions The difference between… Read More »

Spring fashion wish list 2017

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Hello, march! Hello, spring! Hello, ladies! I am so excited as spring is here, the sun shines brighter, it’s warmer outside, I can even see some flowers already. With all of that, I am happy to put away thick winter clothes, find deep in the closet spring clothes and buy new ones. I am already searching online shops for new spring outfit – clothes and shoes. Let’s look at my spring fashion wish list and I hope that you will get some inspiration too! 1. Jacket or hoodie I don’t know how warm spring is where you live, but in my… Read More »

9 Ways To Meet New People

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After high school, I went to a different city for studying and of course, I met new people, friends and some guys which who I had affairs. Good times. If you want to meet new people it is actually easier as you think but at first, you need to get up from the couch and see the “real” world. However, if you want to meet new friends or your loved one you can choose the same types of meeting new people. Let’s look at 9 ways to meet new people. 1. Go out with friends That’s how I met my boyfriend. I and… Read More »

Get this look – spring outfit

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I am so excited for every day as spring comes closer and closer. When spring just starts, it’s not hot at once, therefore you would like to not wear short skirts and tops already. But as it gets warmer we can put away thick winter clothes and put on something showy and bright. For today’s get this look post, I would like to put an accent on neutral pink color which associates with blossoms. Neutral pink & bright Get this look: Pin this look to your Pinterest fashion board!

10 Relationship love quotes

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When we are sad or in love we like to refer to ourselves related quotes and song texts. I am offering you 10 relationship love quotes. Feel free to pin them if you see any related to your emotions! 1. There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. – George Sand 2. They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything. – Bil Keane 3. Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. – H.Jackson Brown 4. The best love is the kind that awakens the… Read More »

List of 9 Worldwide freebies

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As I am not USA citizen and I don’t live in one of the biggest countries in Europe either I come across with the problem when tried to find freebies. Lots of sites don’t send freebies outside the USA or send within one continent (The USA and Canada). It wasn’t easy to find worldwide freebies, but I have made research on worldwide freebies, some you can get in your mail, but others just for registration. Let’s look at list and freebies descriptions. 1. Wealthy Affiliate You won’t get the physical freebie from this site, but you can get a lot of knowledge on how to create… Read More »